October 27, 2017

God created work before the fall of man. He put Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden and told them to get busy. He knew that we needed something to do with our time and energy. We would want accomplishments and the rubbing of personal foibles against our neighbors foibles. This would mature us. Work was created to be a life-giving force in Man's world.

God's grand design is that our work will take care of our fellow man and the planet that God birthed. Whether our job seems lofty or menial, it has the same basic purposes: to...

October 16, 2017

 After 40 years, everyone had changed. Life has a way of knocking us around and teaching us lessons we never wanted to learn.

Last weekend, about 100 of us gathered back in Ohio for our 40-year High School Reunion. Some came from as far away as California, Las Vegas and Denver. Others drove in from Maryland, Virginia and Indiana, but most of those that made it still lived in Ohio.

Some of my classmates had suffered great losses, like the unexpected, sudden death of a spouse or the  gradual passing of a sick child. Others see...

October 8, 2017

     Growing up in Ohio, one of the best times of the day was dinner time. Although our family included only five of us, it seemed like the supper conversations were often  lively, the food delicious and the smiles contagious.

     As family members started breaking away, the nightly table got quieter and finally ceased to function as the hub our lives. The first to leave was my older sister who went away to nursing school. Then, my brother joined the Air National Guard and left for basic training. When he r...

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