February 21, 2018

About this time each year, I get impatient about Spring. The gloom of defoliated trees and cloudy skies has just about done me in. This morning, I took a walk around the neighborhood in search of exercise and the first glimmer of springtime hope.

In some ways, my life feels like the landscaped looked today. Gone are the days of abundant foliage and blossoming gardens. What remains are sturdy structures, devoid of beauty and energy. My knees even creaked a little as I climbed the large hill on my usual route.

When my walk me...

February 7, 2018

Have you ever been tempted by an office romance? My Pastor took a poll at our church. The number one workplace temptation of the medium-sized congregation (800 on Sunday morning) is sexual impropriety or romance. People look their best, smell their best and act on their best behavior at work. For the most part, we seldom, if ever, see our co-workers in old, dirty clothes or badly-kept hair. Co-workers don't tell you to take out the garbage or ask "what's for supper" after you've worked a long shift.

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