March 20, 2018

Have you consciously thought about the image you project? Most adolescents go through times when they try on various identities to see what fits. As young adults, many of us tire of worrying about what others think. So, we try to be "ourselves," whoever that may be.

In our thirties, we may be confronted by someone who points out a downside to the us we are portraying. Perhaps, it is part of our fallen nature. Suddenly, the game changes. Instead of being ourselves, we decide to try to be someone better than the egocentric ma...

March 15, 2018

   People of our parents' generation put a lot of emphasis on character. Have we lost our appreciation for the importance of backing up talk with action?

   Perhaps it's a common malady across cultures for middle-age people to idealize their childhood and think the world is going to Salt Lake City in a hand basket. I can remember comedians as far back as the 1960s getting laughs from the line: "Kids these days!" This column is not about trashing the younger generation or venerating all people born before 1940. All gene...

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