April 29, 2018

     Rend Collective, an Irish folk-rock band, stormed the stage with enthusiasm and joy. Celebrating their "Good News" tour, they rocked, danced, fired off confetti and blew bubbles through a torrid opening sequence of songs. By any stretch of imagination, they seemed to be having great fun playing for the nearly full arena.

     It would be difficult not to smile and have a good time witnessing their antics and obvious freedom moving about the stage. They loved leading worship and entertaining at the same t...

April 4, 2018

My friends on Facebook offered the following advice for those feeling down. I put them in order because people like Top 10 lists. The ones that didn't make the list included: gambling at the casino, checking how long it had been since Michigan beat Ohio State in football and attend a Cincinnati Reds game.

List of Mood Elevation Activities

10. Clean the house.

9. Sing the blues.

8. Listen to babies laughing on YouTube.

7. Spend time with kids.

6. Eat chocolate, then go work out at the gym.

5. Eat fruits, veggies and o...

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