July 29, 2018

Welcome Ronie Kendig. We first met at a conference in Northern Virginia. She teaches a mean workshop. Her latest book is Thirst for Steel from the Tox Series. On with the interview.

DLW: Ronie, thanks for joining us. Tell our readers what state you currently call home and any other places that have special significance in your past.

RK: My family and I just moved to New Jersey from gorgeous Northern Virginia. This Texas gal (20+ years) is having a hard time adjusting. But . . . fugeddaboutit, :-D

DLW: I’m sure New Jersey...

July 16, 2018

As a blogger, I sometimes wonder what people want to read in warm weather months. Heavy topics and hot temperatures don't seem to go together. What sounded right to me? A series of interviews with authors that I love. Today, I am excited to welcome bestselling and award-winning Christian fiction author James L. Rubart. 

Beyond being an amazing writer, he is a stellar human being and a marketing whiz. One of the first luminaries that I met when beginning my author journey, Jim encouraged me to get going, find my ni...

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