December 13, 2016

Faithful blog readers,

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October 31, 2016

Recently, I was reminded of a period in junior high school when my Mom decided she wanted to get fit. As a tennis player in the summers, I tended to lose weight and put it back on in the winter months. Fortunately, her resolution coincided with New Year's and I was eager to shed a few pounds also.

It was very fun to do calisthenics with my Mom in the living room of our house. Each evening after dinner and before Jeopardy, we would get into comfortable clothes and do sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks and other simple exercise...

October 18, 2016

Christmas is a gigantic presence in our culture and in the lives of most Westerners. Most of us have many memories, good and bad, of Christmases past.

Depending on the current configuration of our families, this may be one of the most anticipated or most dreaded times of the year. For families with young children and no recent losses, Christmas 2016 may be the best of times.

What about those whose families in transition or dealing with a recent loss.

One of my favorite authors, Cynthia Ruchti tackles the difficult job of Res...

September 4, 2016

While this may seem like an obvious statement, unhappiness really does cause stress. When we are unhappy, our mind's natural defense is to find a solution to the discomfort.

Remedies are great when they work. This sounds like something Yogi Berra would say, but it is true. If we keep trying remedies to our unhappiness and none of them work, the result is more and more stress.

People will find ways to release stress. Some of these are healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually, but fall short financially. For example, a...

August 10, 2016

When writing my new book, Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace, I realized everyone would not be able to take months off work to examine their lives and hear God's special messages for their lives. That doesn't mean that everyone couldn't use at least a mini sabbatical. Do an abbreviated inventory of your big life issues or unfulfilled dreams, then find a place to talk them over with God. The following are 8 great ways to set aside time for life's bigger questions.

1. Enjoy a Stay-cation. If we've been...

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