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The Family that Works Out Together

Recently, I was reminded of a period in junior high school when my Mom decided she wanted to get fit. As a tennis player in the summers, I tended to lose weight and put it back on in the winter months. Fortunately, her resolution coincided with New Year's and I was eager to shed a few pounds also.

It was very fun to do calisthenics with my Mom in the living room of our house. Each evening after dinner and before Jeopardy, we would get into comfortable clothes and do sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks and other simple exercises. While I could outpace my then-fifty Mom, she held her own and kept at it for a couple of years. As I look back, that was one of the most fit periods of my childhood.

Exercise is not only good for the body, but also the mind. It gets blood flowing to our brains and helps in the elimination of stress. Endorphin release makes us feel better and more at peace with the world.

Since most of us want health for our loved ones more than anything else, why not take your family members along for the health ride. Get your spouse, children or parent and go for a bike ride, take a walk or head to the gym. While always good to check with your doctor, all but the most ill would benefit from a reasonable amount of exercise. Start slow if you haven't been doing a lot, then increase the volume and intensity gradually over several visits.

If you are looking for a great health program, try the book Bod-4-God: Twelve Weeks to Lasting Weight Loss by Steve K. Reynolds. It explains the Losing to Live program, which has benefited me tremendously.

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