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What I Learned From Ubering

The day I retired from Federal service (12/31/16), a new adventure called my name. I decided to begin Ubering.

At first, Ubering was a way to get my best friend a $350 bonus for signing me up and getting me to drive 50 trips. Soon, it became a fun diversion from the suddenness of not working. As a part-time driver, there was complete flexibility to begin working when convenient and to quit when the spirit moved me.

Within a couple of weeks, it was obvious that all these experiences must somehow become a book. Although Sabbatical of the MInd, my first book, wasn't even edited yet, it was obvious that the colorful people and interesting experiences of Ubering demanded a second book..

Driver Confessional was released on May 1. It is available at this website, on-line at most major retailers including Amazon and in select Christian bookstores.

I decided to weave a murder mystery between the stories of the Uber rides. Believe me, there were some lessons learned in driving people around while earning less than $10/hour. Some passengers went to the White House and one went to a crack house. Political bigwigs sat in the same backseat as maids going from one cleaning job to another.

Praying before every session and before each ride, God showed up on more than one occasion to comfort a troubled heart, counsel a wounded schoolgirl and pray with a patient on her way to the hospital. It just reinforced what we all know: our work is our ministry. It is the way God intended for us to take care of His world. For more of what I learned, check out the story of Antonio, part-time ride-share driver and law student. The confession of a mysterious woman lead him and his police officer brother into a web of secrets, lies and hidden evidence. Can he unravel it all before everyone he loves is in danger?

BIG, EXCITING NEWS! My first book, Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace won two Finalist Medals from the Next Generation Indies Book Awards. One award was for Best Non-Fiction E-Book and the other was for Best Christian Non-Fiction Book. The best part is that the exposure of the awards reception at the Harvard Club in New York City may lead to God's Word within the book reaching a wider audience.

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