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David L. Winters is an award-winning Christian author, humorist and speaker. In addition to eight books, he has written for, Guideposts and other Christian publications. He lives in the Washington, D.C. suburbs and enjoys the outdoors, concerts at Wolf Trap Farm Park, Tennis, Losing to Live, Working Out and Worship. Prior to his retirement in 2016, David enjoyed a 34-year career in Government, with 10 years at Department of Homeland Security and more than 20 years in contracts management with the Office of Naval Research.

Praise for Taking God to Work

TAKING GOD TO WORK is an excellent tool for work relational strategies. This work by co-authors David Winters and Pastor Steve Reynolds provides valuable biblical work insights from two men that served well in their chosen fields. David Winters draws from 30+ years in the workforce and understands from beginning to retirement the challenges we face. Pastor Steve Reynolds is leader of an 800 member congregation encompassing multicultural and varied ages of a wide variety of occupations, both skilled and unskilled.


Weaved within these pages are transparent stories of individuals from a variety of backgrounds in positions that also will inspire you to excellence with character qualities pleasing to God. Each story has spotlight and study questions along with an ending prayer that can be used in a Bible study gathering.


Regardless of your age or time in the workforce, this book is an excellent resource aimed at equipping you to share your faith at work. Here they state, "We believe that with humility and the ideas presented in this book, you will be equipped to share your faith at work while maintaining your professionalism and enhancing your relationships". 


Winters stresses that accepting our bosses authority is synonymous to accepting God's authority. It doesn't mean however our labor will be easy. Here the reader will gain pointers on dealing with authority that has evil, unethical ways of operating. It may also involve spiritual warfare which is addressed in section 4.


Some of the highlights I found useful include the following:

– remedies to help you resist both internal and external temptations

– what makes people love their jobs

– signs it is time to move on

– six ways to excel in your career

– values that help build a balanced life

– how to exchange stress for God's peace


For those new to the workforce section 2 will be a great eight in providing keys to finding the right job. Discover joy at work (section 3) and learn how to rebound from failure due to a big mistake.


I found this book to represent an excellent biblical balance between work, family, rest, and leisure. I consider it comprehensive in nature with nothing left unaddressed. I highly recommend this work from these seasoned authors and give it five stars for the quality and depth of information presented.

                                                                               - Valerie Caraotta

Praise for Driver Confessional

DRIVER CONFESSIONAL is a fast paced read that will not let the reader down. It has an excellent plot and interesting characters, as well as several compelling side plots. With its quick start, the reader is hooked immediately, yet the book has many personal scenes that allow readers to become acquainted with the family as if they know them. I found this book difficult to put down, as one scene quickly followed another action-filled scene, but with finesse enough to keep the reader’s attention from wavering.


I enjoyed reading this book about a young man, a “Buber” driver, and his family who become involved in an international espionage plot in Washington D.C. Fortunately, all turns out well, but not before a woman is killed, implicating our hero, and his wife’s friend is kidnapped, followed by an excellent chase around the complicated streets of the nation’s capital. You have nearly perfect work, which makes the book an excellent read.

                                                                   - Writer's Digest

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