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(Autographed copy.)


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Sabbatical of the Mind

  • Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace


    How did life get so crazy?

    My colleagues and I sat down at a ridiculously large table with comfortable chairs. Immediately I knew I was not well. My fear of heights had reared its ugly head as I had exited the elevator, and now warnings were going off: Heartbeat irregular. Breathing shallow and difficult. Stomach spitting acid. Something terrible was about to happen. Was this the big heart attack I’d been expecting?


    Though David Winters had come to know God long before, somewhere along a hectic Washington career path he had misplaced his personal peace. Leaving his secure, six-years-from-retirement government job, David began a five-month journey to physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial peace—and to the fulfillment of a few lifelong dreams.


    In some way everyone faces what he did: What is life really about? Do I dump my dreams now that I’ve reached midlife, or is there hope? Do I just work until I drop, or can I find deeper meaning? David asked the hard questions, took the big steps, and found lasting peace.

    Do you need peace? Is there a dream on hold? Then you will be inspired by David’s story and find hope for your own future.

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