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Paperback: Taking God to Work: The Keys to Lasting Success. What if you could find the success you've dreamed about and further God's Kingdom? Taking God to Work is all about finding the motivation, strategies and heart to fully pursue your passions by linking them to God's plan. Believe it or not, our Father in Heaven wants you to make the most of the talents He bestowed on you. He's fully pleased with you and supports your desire to excel. All we need to do is practice His Presence on the job by praying Him into our work situations, loving others through our service to them and heal our workplaces by following Scriptural principles. (Books autographed by both authors at your request.

Taking God to Work

  • This book takes believers from the basics of God’s eternal plan for work through tactical and strategic methods to deal with troublesome co-worker behaviors and bosses. It gives readers hope and encouragement through God’s Word as it applies to their daily work life. Spotlight features about real people and study questions make each chapter all the more relevant to those who dig into this book.


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