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While literally sleeping through a mission conference at his home church, David Bredeman received an unexpected calling. With the impetuousness of youth and too much courage for his own good, he soon boarded a plane for Lima, Peru and landed smack in the middle of more adventure than he imagined. Little did he know at the time, God had a special bonus: the love affair of a lifetime. Whether swashbuckling through the jungle in search of uncontacted tribes or dodging terrorists back in Lima, his life became anything but boring. The Accidental Missionary will excite the adventurous spirit and satisfy the true romantic. Bredeman and Winters paint the story amid the rich backdrop of Peruvian culture, history and the beautiful secrets of the country’s diverse ecosystems. From the towering heights of the Andes to the lower Amazonian jungle, Bredeman finds similarities and differences which shape the politics, religious history and present-day society of this jewel of South America.

The Accidental Missionary

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