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Restoring Christmas

Christmas is a gigantic presence in our culture and in the lives of most Westerners. Most of us have many memories, good and bad, of Christmases past.

Depending on the current configuration of our families, this may be one of the most anticipated or most dreaded times of the year. For families with young children and no recent losses, Christmas 2016 may be the best of times.

What about those whose families in transition or dealing with a recent loss.

One of my favorite authors, Cynthia Ruchti tackles the difficult job of Restoring Christmas in her new novella. I found this a wonderful, pre-Christmas read with some big lessons about happiness and gratitude.

The main character is searching for her big break, restoring an older home and decorating it in time for Christmas. If she is successful, she may win her own show on a home and garden cable network.

When she arrives in the small town to meet her videographer, she finds him down with a knee injury and unavailable. So she must make do with his optimistic, but less experienced son who is still smarting from a significant loss of his own.

Things only get more complicated for the decorator when the crotchety homeowner is less than pleased with some of the redecorating ideas.

The gentle story caresses the reader like a lullaby, while teaching many lessons about hope, courage, the power of new adventures and gratitude in the face of loss. I highly recommend this book.

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