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Beauty in Barren Places

My Review

I first met Betsy Herman through a mutual friend in the Washington, D.C. metro area. She reached out to me with her bubbly personality and desire to help Christian authors unite and find their audience.

From our first phone meeting, I quickly understood what a unique and pleasant light she beamed for the Kingdom. What I didn't know was the crucible that she'd been in that forged her strong faith and commitment to loving others regardless of the circumstances.

Beauty in Barren Places tells an important part of her story, including the ability to praise God and find the beauty even in the most difficult journey.

While watching many of her closest friends marry and start their families, she took a little longer to find the right man. Once married, no children came bursting from her womb in the first seven years of her marriage. Though she wanted to be a Mom and her husband was on board, she didn't get pregnant at first. After writing a book about her struggles and starting to get more comfortable with the idea that she might never have children, along came a beautiful daughter.

Although parenthood agreed with her, she realized that even realizing her dream of motherhood - there would be new struggles to address and overcome.

During her tough times, God whispered some of the deepest secrets of life - which she shares openly in this dynamic book. Beauty in Barren Places delves into the beauty of our journey, the joy and the struggles. I admire her candor, but also the faith that she shows in God. At the bedrock of ther life is the understanding that God is good. Whatever comes our way, He will use it for our ultimate good.

The takeaway for me is that even our unspeakable tragedies can be endured, if we look for the beauty that springs up in even our darkest times. How often have I seen this in my own life? God is good. Even in my scariest times, He's revealed His beauty and control of each situation.

I highly recommend this book for everyone. Whether you are walking through a storm or cruising along on a sunny day, Betsy's words will inspire and encourage you to make the most of your life.


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