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Interview with Scott LaPierre

In my author journey, one of the great joys is to meet other writers and learn about their ministry. Scott LaPierre is a very special pastor and author. I hope you will enjoy meeting him.

Latest book: A Father Offers His Son: The True and Greater Sacrificed Revealed Through Abraham and Isaac.

Bio: Scott LaPierre is a senior pastor, author, and conference speaker. My wife, Katie, and I have 8 children (and will probably have more).

1. Thanks for joining us. Tell our readers what state you currently call home and any other place(s) that have special significance in your past.

We live in Woodland, which is in southwest Washington. Katie and I grew up together in McArthur, which is in the mountains in northern California. Katie’s parents still live there, so we visit about every-other-year.

2. What genre or genres do you like to write?

I write exclusively Christian nonfiction. The material comes from my sermon transcripts, which take twenty-to-thirty hours of work each week. This means each book contains hundreds of hours of study in God’s Word.

3. Tell us about your most recent book and the message(s) behind it?

My latest book is A Father Offers His Son: The True and Greater Sacrificed Revealed Through Abraham and Isaac, which examines the typology between Abraham sacrificing Isaac and God sacrificing His Son.

I think many people wonder why God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. The Angel stopped Abraham showing God did not intend for him to kill Isaac, but what did God desire? God wanted to do two things. First, test Abraham, and second, reveal in human terms what God would do with His Son two thousand years later. Genesis 22 is not primarily about Abraham and Isaac. God and Jesus are the true and greater Father and Son shining forth in the account. Abraham didn’t not spare his son but was willing to deliver him up for God. Likewise, God “did not spare His Son, but delivered Him up for us all” (Romans 8:32).

If you like typology – such as the bronze serpent, manna, rock in the wilderness – you’ll love AFOHS. If typology bores you, you’ll want to read a different book 😊. (Click book cover above to learn more.)

4. Which authors do you like to read?

John MacArthur and Warren Wiersbe are my favorite authors and Bible commentators.

5. Other than the Bible, which we all can agree is a must-read, what books have affected your life and how did they make an impact?

Knowing God by J.I. Packer and Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur.

6. Tell us about memorable feedback you’ve received on one of your books.

The most memorable feedback I’ve received relates to marriage. Couples will write me and tell me they bought Marriage God’s Way and the accompanying workbook, and God used my materials to strengthen and heal their relationship. For many people, they didn’t know what God’s Word says about marriage, and my book revealed the truth to them. Messages along these lines are always very encouraging.

7. Do you have any unique writing habits or rituals that you go through before sitting down at the computer?

I’m not a typical author in that I don’t sit down at the computer to write. Instead, I sit down at the computer to study God’s Word and prepare sermons and my books develop from that material. Let me elaborate. There might be some space between these two extremes, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s say pastors take two approaches with their sermons:

  • Abbreviated notes of a few hundred words. Phrases and keywords meant to remind them what to say. This isn’t to say these pastors don’t study. I’m sure they do. But they don’t write out most of what they plan to say.

  • Transcripts with thousands of words. This is me. I write out my entire sermon, and go over it with my wife Thursday nights. A wonderful family in our church sends over some kids to watch our kids. We go over the sermon again Saturday morning. I wake up early on Sunday to pray and look over my notes again. Each time I go over my notes I’m refining and polishing them.

8. Apart from writing, what hobbies or past-times do you enjoy?

I spend most of my time with my home and church families. I love studying and teaching God’s Word. The free time I have is usually committed to reading and writing. Our kids stay busy with church, music, and school. Between pastoring, authoring, speaking, and being a husband and father to eight, I have very little free time…which is fine with me!

9. Do you have a life motto or Bible verse that guides you?

At this point in my life it’s Ephesians 4:12. Whether it’s pastoring, writing, or speaking, God has called me to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”

10. Tell us about what’s next for you? Any appearances, forthcoming book releases, etc.?

Last year I signed with the Blythe Daniel Agency. This is a big move for me from self-publishing to traditional publishing. I was ready to publish Work and Rest God’s Way, but Blythe thought I should lead with Finances God’s Way. A publisher could request Work and Rest God’s Way first, but more than likely my next book will be Finances God’s Way.

I have speaking engagements throughout the year and am regularly available for guest preaching and conferences.

If you’d like to be part of the publishing journey with me, follow my ministry, and receive a free copy of my book, Seven Biblical Insights for Marriage, please sign up for my newsletter:

Scott, Thanks so much for joining us. I hope my readers will check out your books and follow your writing adventures on your blog.


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