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Healthy Through the Holidays

Why do the holidays sometimes tend to bring out the worst in our health habits? What is it about the season that can make anxiety rise and peace flee away?

Perhaps it is the stress of trying to accomplish too much in too little time. Or it could be that our priorities are not aligned with our values. A third factor could be lack of training in how to do it better.

This year, I am partnering with Living Well Health Food/Christian Book/Gift store to help you head off the holiday blues.

Come on out to Living Well, 12004 Cherry Hill Rd, Silver Spring, MD on November 20. I will be signing copies of Sabbatical of the Mind from 2-4p. As a special treat, Living Well is hosting professional chef Dorrel McLaren at 2p for a guest lecture about how to stay healthy throughout the holiday season.

For those not in the local area, may I recommend that you seek out a store in your area with similar healthy foods. Treat yourself and your loved ones to foods that will taste great and align with your goals of eating healthy.

When I examined my goals for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, here are the things that I found to be most important:

1. Put God first.

2. Treat others as I would like to be treated.

3. Put family ahead of less important priorities.

4. When working, work diligently and don't be distracted by internet, shopping, etc.

5. As I get tired, stop and rest. Irritability leads to saying and doing things that don't align with my values. The only cure for that is rest.

6. Separate wants from needs.

7. Take time to look for the fruit of the Spirit in my life. If I'm not seeing it, pray and talk to God about where I am missing the mark.

Wishing you a great holiday season. Come see me at Living Well on November 20 if you possibly can. It is a great store with many healthy things to make your life better.

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