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Where is Your Focus?

Most of us enjoyed the childhood experience of watching the power of a magnifying glass ignite grass or even paper. It was amazing to see how the glass could focus the sun's rays on a single spot and cause fire to erupt.

Jiggling the Glass

We also quickly learned from a younger friend or relative that moving the glass around defeated the purpose. Without laser-like focus, the heat did not build and no fire was created.

Bringing it Home

How often we as adults do the same thing? Instead of holding our focus on the thing that really needs our attention, we move from one task to another. While sometimes it is the urgent priority which distracts us, more often it is something interesting, but less important.

How can we learn to focus on the right priorities and to remain focused as other things seek to distract us?

1. Stop and re-prioritize each day. If you have looked over your schedule and determined the right objectives for the day, don't be too quick to change course. You set your priorities, now stay with them.

2. Understand your own capabilities and work habits. Everyone needs breaks and everyone needs to discipline themselves in between breaks. Schedule work tasks by priority and by mental accuity needed. If you think best in the morning, that may be the time to do the complicated spreadsheet. Leave afternoon for meetings and e-mail.

3. Include learning in your day. If you can only spare fifteen minutes, stop and read or listen to something that makes you better at what you do. Invest in the future, while continuing to up your skill level right now.

4. Ask for God's help. Man's strength and effort only goes so far. With tenacity, we can overcome odds and become successful at many things. But wouldn't it be better to have God's direction. He can show you the gold in your life that will really last. Loving others and caring for the needs of others is what really matters.

Come See Me!

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