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Dancing and Mourning

In Bible times, people often expressed their joy through dancing. King David was rebuked by his wife for taking off his kingly robes and dancing in praise to his God, Jehovah. He didn't care because the joy of the Lord was overwhelming and he cared more about praising God than pleasing his wife's prideful side.

Life deals us many blows. Currently, I'm facilitating a GriefShare group at my church. It is an excellent non-denominational program that walks people through their individual journey with grief over the loss of a loved one. The program uses the stories of many people (including a few famous Christians) to share the ways God helps us in our difficult times.

Walking with people through their seasons of grief is teaching me the importance of enjoying the happy special moments of life. It is so important that we laugh, dance, rejoice and savor the good times in our lives. There will be plenty of difficulty and trouble. That's just how life on Earth goes. But every day is not a sad day. Most days have some good and some bad. As Christians, our charge is to rejoice with those who are having happy times and mourn with those who are facing life's challenges.

Find something wonderful about today and dance a little: literally or figuratively.

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