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Christians vs. The Thought Police

Christian Writer Not Welcome

Funny thing happened as I tried to line up a book signing, the transgender scheduler at the bookstore decided a Christian author was not appropriate for their store. Though I have connections in the town where the store is located and could have brought them several new customers, Christian thought was too dangerous for them to allow in their store.

This led me to my blog topic for today. Progressivism threatens true Christian faith because it wars against God and His Word as presented in Holy Scripture.

At its founding, the United States was both a Christian nation and one that valued freedom. Religious liberty was one of our founding fathers’ reasons for coming to America. Certain religious freedoms were mentioned and enshrined in the early documents of our Country.

The first Continental Congress even thanked our Creator for a providential wind that helped the Army win a decisive victory against the British.


Lately, a new enemy of freedom has arisen and its name is Progressivism. At the heart of this new socialist belief system is an intolerance for all thought other than its own. One of its tenets is that inclusiveness (of sanctioned groups) is morally superior to other beliefs. Ironically, this philosophy also excludes other groups and encourages bullying, censorship and bad behavior toward its enemies.

The progressive contends that all who see their issues another way must be motivated by bigotry and hate. Am I the only one who sees trouble ahead when we ascribe motivations to the actions of others? I have no idea what’s going on in the head of progressives, so I don’t get why they think they know what I’m thinking.

There is no room in the progressive’s world for the Christian whose faith is based on the Bible. Much of the past 30 years of LGBT thought has promoted the fallacy that only acceptance is keeping the LGBT community from happiness. As soon as most people accept LGBT behaviors as normal, then such ills as bullying, housing discrimination, lack of equal treatment under the law will be eliminated.

Acceptance Equals Happiness?

This leads to the tenet of the LGBT manifesto that any resistance to acceptance of these behaviors must be opposed at all costs. I would argue that Christians should oppose bullying, discrimination, etc. for any reason, but that we don’t have to accept lies in the place of Scriptural truth.

Since religion is as old as sexual behavior, certain LGBT apologists have accepted that we will always have God with us. So the next best thing to eradicating His Name is twisting Scripture to accommodate the LGBT worldview. However, this doesn’t work for many Christians who read Romans 1 (and several other old and new testament Scriptures) without an agenda. It says what it says.

Don't Appease; Keep Making Sense

Appeasement of LGBT thought police will not make them go away. They will grow stronger and eventually try to permanently silence Biblical teaching on any subject that interferes with their plans. For this reason, Bible-believing Christians must stand up in love and say, “Our beliefs are valid. We will not be silent just because it interferes with your agenda. There is happiness and joy in following God’s Word. We welcome everyone to our Churches and Bible studies. But, we are going to teach what’s in the Bible, not the doctrines of men."

As For Me and My Books

The strange thing is that my books do not have anything overtly anti-LGBT in them. However, my books and I will find our audience as God directs. There may be bookstores or libraries that are afraid of certain thoughts, but my plan is to keep writing what I believe God wants me to say. As for me and my books, we will serve the Lord.

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