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Five Christmas Plays: With Joy Inside

My New Book!

Five Christmas Plays: With Joy Inside will release September 20, 2017. Biblically sound and written with a bit of humor, each play drives home a special message of hope for Christmastime. Whether you intend to simply read and enjoy them or perform the plays, they will warm your heart and get you in the mood for a bright noel.

These plays were written specifically for churches, small groups, clubs or families. Each drama includes 6-10 speaking parts (mostly female), musical suggestions where appropriate and stage directions.

Although approved for ministry use anyway, purchase six or more copies and receive a license for public performance and the right to charge admission.

Here is a brief synopsis of each play:

The Singing Trees

Mimsy Watters gets carried away with planning the perfect Christmas for her extended family. With help from four singing/talking Christmas trees, everyone learns the true meaning of the holiday.

I’ll Be Late for Christmas

Joanie and her two daughters get worried when Dad’s Army deployment goes on longer than expected. Wise-cracking waitress Maddie and a heavenly visitor get Joanie back on track and teach important lessons about faith.

Christmas Prayer of Forgiveness

Single-Mom Marcella struggles to raise her little Trina after her husband disappears. Grandma and Grandpa focus their efforts on giving Marcella and Trina a terrific Christmas in spite of the curve balls life has thrown them. It takes a very special homeless person at the library to teach Marcella what forgiveness is all about.

The Christmas Cabin

Years ago, Beverly and Bill wisely invested in a Cabin getaway. With their two daughters, the Cabin has served them well as a special “family-only” sanctuary. This Christmas, traditions get turned on their ear when Bill brings an unexpected guest and everyone must quickly adjust.

Grandma Louise’s Christmas Miracle

The family is all together for Christmas when Grandma Louise decides to tell one of her exciting missionary stories from long ago. Little Paris likes the story, but is thrown into a funk because she believes her Christmas miracle is an impossibility. Then a very special St. Nick shows up on Christmas morning; everyone learns about the importance of leaving our happy endings up to God.

Five Christmas Plays: With Joy Inside

ISBN: 978-0-9977797-5-7

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

Pre-order Here

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