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40 Years In the Wilderness

After 40 years, everyone had changed. Life has a way of knocking us around and teaching us lessons we never wanted to learn.

Last weekend, about 100 of us gathered back in Ohio for our 40-year High School Reunion. Some came from as far away as California, Las Vegas and Denver. Others drove in from Maryland, Virginia and Indiana, but most of those that made it still lived in Ohio.

Some of my classmates had suffered great losses, like the unexpected, sudden death of a spouse or the gradual passing of a sick child. Others seemed to have ridden a wave of prosperity, all the way from high school to the present day. Many were on husband or wife number two or three, and some have never married.

For all the changes, many of the personalities remained unbent by time and life's troubles. The first night, many of us enjoyed a football game at our alma mater. We exchanged career notes and listed children and grandchildren. Night two was more in-depth as we chatted over hors d'oerves and paged through old year books. Laughter rang out from every corner of the TJ Chumps sports bar, as this one or that one had an aha moment about some childhood excess or memorable teacher.

Looking back, the most telling predictor of earthly success seemed to be relationship with Jesus Christ. Those who found or held onto their faith in God mostly succeeded at life. They eventually found a husband or wife and built a marriage. They excelled in their careers and weathered the crazy storms that rain on every life. Furthermore, the brief conversations that dotted the evening left me much more appreciative of those who chose to serve the Lord. They said things that uplifted me and reminded me of what matters in life.

By the end of the weekend, I was tired but so happy I came home for the event. It reminded me that I want to be the type of blessing that was modeled for me at the reunion. "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer." If our words can be acceptable to God, we can't help but bless those around us.

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