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Buying Love Guilt-free

As generous persons, we sometimes get carried away with gift-buying and giving. Strolling through stores this time of year may lead to numerous thoughts of "that would be just perfect for Uncle Schmo and Aunt Hortense."

Truthfully, most of us don't need another pair of mule-hair socks or one more electric tie. Our junk drawers are full of one-of-a-kind gadgets that were supposed to make life a breeze, but failed to deliver on their promises. While there is nothing wrong with exchanging gifts that you can afford, there has to be a better way. As Hal David and Burt Bacharach so appropriately noted in 1965, "What the World Needs Now is Love."

Can We Buy Love?

The big question: Can Love Be Bought? Unashamedly, the answer is yes. While trying to buy it with gifts is tricky, there is a much easier and cheaper way to buy love. Invest time in people who need love.

Many years ago, an older lady friend of mine made me a very cute soldier out of a clothespin, two Q-Tips (TM) and some colored felt. As a mother figure, she had a track record of kindness to me. The little soldier included a bit of ornate string to hang the little guy on a Christmas tree. It looked like a nutcracker toy soldier, but probably cost less than one dollar to make.

My heart was overwhelmed with her love for me. The soldier obviously took some time and care to make. It looked really amazing, made out of simple, household objects. The anxious look on her face as I examined it and teared up showed me just how much she cared about my reaction. Later, she also gave me a scarf or pair of gloves. I can't remember which because they didn't make much of an impression. But I still have that small clothespin soldier.

Shine Your Love Light

Our world seems to get colder and more cruel each day. Simple human kindness sometimes feels like it is a thing of the past. As Christians, our purpose is to shine our little lights through acts of love toward those who come across our paths. This holiday season, let me encourage you to love someone with a simple act of kindness and a little extra time. You might make a lifelong impression and fill up a very empty cup.


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