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Interview with Ronie Kendig

Welcome Ronie Kendig. We first met at a conference in Northern Virginia. She teaches a mean workshop. Her latest book is Thirst for Steel from the Tox Series. On with the interview.

DLW: Ronie, thanks for joining us. Tell our readers what state you currently call home and any other places that have special significance in your past.

RK: My family and I just moved to New Jersey from gorgeous Northern Virginia. This Texas gal (20+ years) is having a hard time adjusting. But . . . fugeddaboutit, :-D

DLW: I’m sure New Jersey will spur on your creative juices. What genre or genres do you like to write?

RK: I love writing suspense novels as well as speculative novels. Both feed my muse and, on very good sales cycles, my family.

DLW: You are a great writer. The pages turn themselves when I read your books. What authors do you like to read?

RK: My go-to authors include David Baldacci, James Rollins, Brandon Sanderson, Marisa Meyer, and several others.

DLW: Very interesting mix. Other than the Bible, which we all can agree is a must-read, what books affected your life and how did they make an impact?

RK: Two books pop to mind immediately: Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. The former helped me see the lies that tend to tear me down and get me off-track with God. The latter did the same thing, but laden with Scripture and God’s truth.

DLW: Loved Screwtape Letters also. Tell us about a memorable reader or fan. Perhaps a story about a personal encounter or some kind of email or message you received.

RK: In my early days, I was part of a multi-author signing in Texas. While we were there, things were slow, but this gentleman kept passing my table. Then his wife tugged him over and said he needed to check out my books. He was resistant, but I could tell there was more going on than just my novels. For the next hour, he stood there and talked and cried—something that embarrassed him immensely—about his experiences in Viet Nam. THAT is why I’m writing—to open dialogue about our military heroes. It was humbling and awe-inspiring.

DLW: Great story. Working for many years in Navy, I definitely understand what you are saying. Do you have any unique writing habits or rituals that you go through before sitting down at the computer?

RK: Unique writing habits or rituals…you mean besides intense procrastination that includes cleaning the house, purging closets, organizing the pantry, pulling weeds. I mean, not that I do any of that . . . Before I start writing, however, I always do an intensive study of my character and their background. I do need a clean office or my mind won’t settle into the story.

DLW: Nice. Apart from writing, what hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy?

RK: Several – I believe sending cards is a lost art, so I hand-craft cards and send them out. I also love to crochet and knit, as well as decorate my home. All of those feed my muse and give me time away from the keyboard. I hope to get back into taekwondo this summer—my husband and I are both 2nd degree black belts, and I really miss the physicality of martial arts.

DLW: I will remember to be very polite next time we meet at a writer’s conference. Do you have a life motto or Bible verse that guides you?

RK: My life verse is Exodus 14:14 and had become a very good source of grounding for me in life. Helps me remember that I don’t have to defend myself or fight for this or that. Doing my best each day is the only requirement—the rest is up to Him.

DLW: Tell us about what’s next for you? Any appearances, forthcoming releases, etc.?

RK: My twentieth novel, Thirst of Steel, just released. I’ve signed a contract for a new series and have turned in the first book on that—more details coming soon. I’m also under obligation with another publisher for another speculative series, this one a space opera. And I have a couple of Top Secret projects, so there is plenty coming for Rapid-Fire Readers!

Check out Thirst of Steel on Amazon at

DLW: Thirst of Steel is amazing. I’m loving that book and plan to get a review up on Amazon and Goodreads very soon. Hope my readers will pick up a copy and see what they have been missing.

DLW: Ronie, thanks so much for joining me. You are amazing and I look forward to the Space Opera. I’m picturing Captain Kirk and Spock belting out a duet. Best wishes for your books and your life in Jersey.

I love these interviews with some of my favorite authors. Hope you are liking them too. Pre-sales have begun for my next release with Steve Reynolds, Taking God to Work. Check it out on our website by clicking the image below.

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