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The Story Behind Taking God to Work

Many months ago, God began stirring an idea in the hearts of Pastor Steve Reynolds and me. Separately at first, we felt the nudging of God's Spirit. People spend almost one-third of our lives at our jobs. Yet, many of us put a wall between our faith and the work we do.

God wants each of us to understand that our work is His plan for taking care of the world. He intends for every person to play an active role in caring for others and our planet by doing our jobs as unto Him.

Does God Want to Help You at Work?

I used to think that church was church and work was work. If I kept my witness together, perhaps a co-worker might eventually ask me about my faith. Then, I could heroically lead them down the Romans Road to God's plan of salvation. This did not happen too often. Okay, it never happened.

Now, I realize that work is meant to be so much more. Every day, we are called to love others through our work. Each customer we serve is God's creation. They depend on us to be at our best to meet their needs within the context of our jobs. As God intends, this mindset has the potential to elevate every job to the level of worship. As we create computer code, mow lawns or sell new cars, we have the potential to improve the lives of those who use our goods and services.

As Pastor Steve crafted the sermons which underpin Taking God to Work, we both began to see that God was doing a bigger work than just encouraging the congregation of Capital Baptist Church. Many of us began yielding our work lives over to Jesus on a whole new level. We reaped new heights of job satisfaction and effectiveness.

A Book

Just as we saw great benefits within our friends at Capital Baptist, we trust that God plans to do great things through you as you yield more and more of your work life to Him.

Our prayer is that you will read Taking God to Work: Keys to Lasting Success and find a fresh miracle happening within your work life. Let Him care for others through your work.

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