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Taking God to Work in Difficult Circumstances

Ken Matos provides a great example of Taking God to Work in trying times. Like the other people highlighted in our book, Ken's story reveals God's miraculous provision regardless of the circumstances.

A successful Chief Financial Officer, Ken suddenly found himself job hunting just months after coming to a new company. Like many life events, this one popped up when least expected.

With a wife and family to feed, life left no option but to roll with the punches and accept the next reasonable opportunity that presented itself. Surprisingly, a job offer came not from his home state of New Jersey or even nearby New York, but all the way down in Washington, DC.

Feeling it was the best option at the time, he accepted the job and set out learning his new duties. Working for the federal government promised more stability, but also a bit of a learning curve. His duties and work environment changed overnight.

Ken and his wife decided that he would live in DC four nights each week and commute home by train on the weekends. This could have put a strain on their relationship, but both of them trusted the Lord and depended on Him. With children in school, this living arrangement also seemed like the best thing for the family.

Although others might have gone into a shell and focused solely on work, Ken began to see God's calling on his life in and around work. Ken used his opportunities to the maximum, eventually founding a successful men's ministry called Kingdom Men. Check out the book Taking God to Work to learn more about Ken's story.

Just like Ken, you may find yourself in an unusual season at work. Whether difficult projects or troublesome co-worker behavior, you might be tempted to wonder, "Where is God in all of this?" Pastor Steve Reynolds and I wrote Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success for people just like you. The Bible has timeless treasure to be gleaned when we need it most. Learn how to use your natural drive and passion for God's glory by better understanding His plan for work. Find new motivation and joy on the job each day.

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